Physical data rooms with interpretation facility for Discovered Small Fields data is available at National Data Repository (NDR), DGH, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh (India) and Secondary Data Center (SDC), Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India).

Applicable charges

Sl. No Time Schedule Charges
1 First 2 days No charges
2 Third day US$ 250 or equivalent INR
3 Fourth day US$ 500 or equivalent INR
4 Fifth day US$ 1250 or equivalent INR

Instructions for data viewing

  • A maximum of upto only 4 persons are permitted in Data Viewing Room at one time.
  • Copying, photocopying or downloading is not allowed. Only notes can be taken.
  • Bags, Briefcases etc. are not permitted in Data Viewing Room.
  • Field Information Dockets, Basin Information dockets and Data Packages will be put up for viewing in the data rooms
  • Only authorized representatives of a company/consortium can view the data.
  • Data viewing will be with prior appointment on first come first serve basis.