Physical data rooms with interpretation facility for Open Acreage Licensing Policy(OALP) Bid Round-V data is available at National Data Repository (NDR), DGH, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh (India).

Applicable charges

Sl. No Time Schedule Charges
1 First 3 days US$ 250 or equivalent INR per day
2 Fourth day US$ 500 or equivalent INR
3 Fifth day onwards US$ 1250 or equivalent INR per day

Instructions for data viewing

  • A maximum of upto only 4 persons are permitted in Data Viewing Room at one time.
  • Copying, photocopying or downloading is not allowed. Only notes can be taken.
  • Bags, Briefcases etc. are not permitted in Data Viewing Room.
  • Field Information Dockets, Basin Information dockets and Data Packages will be put up for viewing in the data rooms
  • Only authorized representatives of a company/consortium can view the data.
  • Data viewing will be with prior appointment on first come first serve basis.