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Salient Features of Discovered Small Field Policy
  • Revenue Sharing contract: A simple and easy to administer contractual model in line with Government’s effort to promote ‘Ease of doing business’.

  • Upto 100% FDI participation by foreign companies, joint ventures.

  • Single licence for Conventional & Un-conventional hydrocarbon: Single licence for explore and extract all type of hydrocarbon resources will be allowed.

  • No restriction on exploration activity during contract period: Contractor will be allowed to carry out exploration during entire contract duration.

  • Crude Oil & Gas Pricing and Sale: Freedom to sell crude oil exclusively in domestic market. For Gas pricing, contractor will have freedom for pricing of gas produced.

  • Open to all: To incentivize new investors, technical capability is not kept as a pre-qualification criteria.

  • No carried interest by National Oil Companies (ONGC, OIL) or State participation.

  • Revenue sharing after onset of Production: Biddable Government share of revenue (net of Royalty) shall be payable only after onset of production.

  • Custom duty: Customs duty is exempted on import of goods and services for Petroleum operations

  • Oil Cess: No Oil Cess will be applicable on crude oil production