Data Room Booking
Data room Booking
Dataroom Booking is available for booking in Noida, India. Dataroom booking for Dubai is opening shortly.


GSTIN is compulsory for Indian companies. Leave blank for foreign companies.











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In case of any issue, please contact webmaster@dghindia.gov.in.

Guidelines for NDR physical data room visitors under OALP-I round

  1. Maximum 4 persons per company per work station will be allowed to visit data rooms
  2. The end  users  will  be  allowed  to  save  interpretation  project  up  to  their booking date
  3. End users will be allowed to take maximum 05 snapshots (image file) per project
  4. The Charges for data room per day per work station shall be as under:
    1. For first three days – USD 250 per day
    2. Fourth Day – USD 500
    3. Fifth Day onwards – USD 1250 per day
  5. Users are advised to refrain from taking snap from mobile camera etc.
  6. Internet facility will not be available/allowed inside data room
  7. The following items are not allowed inside the data room
    1. Pen Drive/USB/HDD/Flash Drive etc.
    2. CD/DVD/Storage Media etc.
    3. Laptops
    4. Camera
  8. Repeat bookings by companies(with same PAN/CIN number) will be treated as continuation of earlier booking, and payment should be made accordingly.
    If you had booked earlier, kindly select the Yes option for the Dataroom Booked Earlier field.
    Accordingly adjust the days in the Booking days break-up field.
    Incorrect submission of details is liable for rejection of data room booking.
Data room Booking for Dubai
Please show your interest for Physical Dataroom at Dubai by filling up the form below.







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