OALP Bid Round-IX

The Government of India has opened 99% of the "No-Go" area of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for Hydrocarbon Exploration & Development. Eight (8) blocks encompassing an acreage of 0.42 lakh have been carved out based on Expressions of Interest (EoIs) received from potential investors during the EoI window XIII (1st April - 31st July 2022).

The features of the OALP Bid Round–IX are outlined as follows:

  1. Blocks on offer (8 Blocks):
    • Spread over the Category-I (6 Blocks) and Category-II (2 Blocks) Basins.
    • 3 Blocks are in Ultra Deep-Water (27,154
    • 2 Blocks are in Shallow Water (11,039
    • 3 blocks are Onland (3,666
  2. Blocks under Finalization:
    • Additional ~20 EoIs received (1st August 2022 to 31st March 2023) covering ~95,000 in East Coast Basins like Krishna-Godavari & Mahanadi and West Coast Basins like Saurashtra, Kutch, Mumbai etc. under finalization.
  3. NIO shall be floated shortly for International Competitive Bidding.
Map of the blocks New
Corrigendum for Mega Offshore Bid Round – IX Modifications in OALP bid documents (NIO, MRSC and Modalities) for OALP VIII and future rounds
Model bid documents for Mega Offshore OALP Bid Round-2022 are uploaded under the Model Bid Documents tab
Format for Application Fee under Open Acreage Licensing Programme
The submission of EoIs throughout the year is as follows:
  • Window – 1 : 1st April to 31st July
  • Window – 2 : 1st August to 30th November
  • Window – 3 : 1st December to 31st March
Guidelines for e-submission of Hard copy documents under EoI portal

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