Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP) Bid Round-V under HELP

Government has launched OALP Bid Round-V on 14th January, 2020 offering 11 Blocks for Exploration and Development through International Competitive Bidding.

Features of OALP Bid Round–V are as quoted below:

  • 11 Blocks spread over 8 Sedimentary Basins, 6 States covering 19,789 Sq. Km of area
  • Out of 11 Blocks, 8 Blocks are Onland type, 2 Blocks are Shallow Water type and 1Block is Ultra Deep Water type
  • Spread over Category-I (8 Blocks), Category –II (2 Blocks) and Category-III (1 Block) Basins
  • All 11 Blocks are based on EoI submitted by the Prospective Bidders
  • Adopts all features of HELP (as revised) - reduced Royalty Rates, no Oil Cess, Uniform licensing system, Marketing and Pricing freedom, Revenue Sharing Model, Exploration rights on all retained area for full contract life, Concessional Royalty Rates in case of early commercial production, no Revenue Sharing in Blocks falling in Category –II and III Basins except in case of Wind fall gain etc.
Notice Inviting Offer (NIO) New Model Revenue Sharing Contract (MRSC) New Modalities for Operationalization of OALP New Technical Brochure New
OALP-V Bid submission last date extended to June 10, 2020. New
In view of the lockdown due to Covid-19 the EOI cycle for Round VI (ending March 31, 2020) and Round VII (ending July 31, 2020) shall stand merged. Bidding round would be launched based on EOIs received till July 31, 2020.
OALP Bid Round-V Launched on 14/01/2020
Bid submission open date : 14/01/2020
Bid submission closing date : 10/06/2020 (extended)

For bidding details please visit DGH e-Bidding Portal
In view of recent Policy Reforms and changes aligned to promote “Ease of Doing Business”, the EoI submission cycle is increased from two to three times in a year as follows :
  • Window – 1 : 1st April to 31st July
  • Window – 2 : 1st August to 30th November
  • Window – 3 : 1st December to 31st March
Currently, sixth EoI window of EoI submission has started on 1st December, 2019 and will end on 31st March, 2020.

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