Advisory on Digital India Initiative of DGH

1. With a view to enable ‘Ease of doing business, it is proposed to introduce online Non-Tax Remittance Management System w.e.f. March 2017. Details of remittance/payment made towards Non-Tax Revenue to Pay & Account office of MOP&NG should be submitted to DGH through this web link. (Royalty, Profit Petroleum, PEL, ML, Dead Rent, Liquidity Damages, Amount of Unfinished work program, interest towards delays in payment, other statutory dues/penalty payable to MOPNG, Government of India as well as respective state government )

2. It is mandatory for all companies/operators to make use of web-link provided by DGH for uploading relevant data. All stakeholders are advised to cooperate with this Digital Initiative of Government of India.

Following web links are available for companies to access and upload data.

Operators/Contractors are advised to comply with above.