Discovered Small Fields Bid Round-III

Following the success of DSF Bid Round-I (2016) & DSF Bid Round-II (2018) and the fact that there are still many more unexploited discoveries, Government is coming up with DSF Bid Round-III where discoveries will be offered for International Competitive Bidding. Salient features of DSF Policy includes:

  • Single License for conventional and un-conventional hydrocarbon
  • No upfront signature bonus
  • Exploration allowed during entire contract period
  • Provision for sharing of common facilities
  • Full pricing and marketing freedom
  • Easy to administer Revenue Sharing Contracts

Notice Inviting Offer (NIO) Model Revenue Sharing Contract (MRSC)
Tolling and Processing Charges to be levied by NOCs - 2 (OIL) New
“Facilitation Desk” for DSF Bid Round -III is live at Conference Hall 1st Floor, DGH. Bidders may visit during Business hours on Working Days and avail the facility. New
Quantum of data available in DSF-III Data Packages New Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Guide New Preferred System Setup Guidelines New Indicative DSF-III Calculator New Response to Pre-Bid Queries (Part-III), dated 11.05.2022 Maps of 32 Contract Areas under DSF Bid Round-III Tolling and processing charges to be levied by NOCs (ONGC) Amendment No. 2 to MRSC for DSF Bid Round-III Errata No.1 to NIO & MRSC of DSF Bid Round-III
Please refer Chapter-2, Page No.45 of NIO of DSF-III, the Book Value of Assets of Discovered Small Oil & Gas fields of ONGC & OIL under DSF Bid Round-III is 'Nil'
Amendment No. 1 to MRSC for DSF Bid Round-III Amendment No. 1 to NIO for DSF Bid Round-III
Bid submission for DSF Bid Round-III will start on 20th April, 2022 and end on 31st May, 2022
Status of Wellsites offered under DSF Bid Round-III is available in Downloads section.
Above information on offered blocks is based on recent preliminary survey by DGH and NOC. It is advised that prospective bidders should visit the field/wellsites of the offered Contract Area and carry out the detailed survey for making an informed decision prior to bidding.
Response to Pre-Bid Queries (Part II), dated 31.08.2021 Response to Pre-Bid Queries (Part I), dated 27.07.2021 Investors' Meet on Discovered Small Field Bid Round III at Delhi on 30th July, 2021 Launch of Discovered Small Field Bid Round-III on 10th June, 2021

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10th June, 2021

Launch of NIO & MRSC of DSF-III

30th June, 2021

Virtual Pre-bid Conference

20th April, 2022

Bid Submission start through bidding portal

31st May, 2022

Bid submission Closing