Discovered Small Fields Bid Round-III

Following the success of DSF Bid Round-I (2016) & DSF Bid Round-II (2018) and the fact that there are still many more unexploited discoveries, Government is coming up with DSF Bid Round-III where discoveries will be offered for International Competitive Bidding. Salient features of DSF Policy includes:

  • Single License for conventional and un-conventional hydrocarbon
  • No upfront signature bonus
  • Exploration allowed during entire contract period
  • Provision for sharing of common facilities
  • Full pricing and marketing freedom
  • Easy to administer Revenue Sharing Contracts

Notice Inviting Offer (NIO) New Model Revenue Sharing Contract (MRSC) New Information Booklet New

10th June, 2021

Launch of NIO & MRSC of DSF-III

30th June, 2021

Virtual Pre-bid Conference

01st October, 2021

Bid Submission start through bidding portal

29th October, 2021

Bid submission Closing